Intellectual Property Structured Settlements

Tax Efficient Customized Payment Streams as compensation for victims of Copyright, Patent and Trademark Infringement

From Silicon Alley to Silicon Valley

Intellectual Property Structured Settlements

Defer Taxes and Customized Cash Flow for Copyright, Patent and Trademark holders who are settling infringement claims with structured settlements

Why Structure IP Settlements?


Intellectual Property Settlements Are Taxable

After legal fees and taxes plaintiffs are left with what seems like bubkis  Perhaps you feel like "I invented this, someone stole my idea, I sued, and all I got was this lousy t-shirt"


You've Already Been Victimized Once

With  non qualified structured settlements,  step forward with a custom designed payment plan as compensation for your intellectual property damages that meets your specific needs. And you defer taxes in the process! 


A Win-Win IP Settlement Solution

A win-win IP settlement solution.  Keep moving forward with stable income to help compensate for your loss. Defendants can offer a more creative solution that meets the plaintiff's needs and gets a complete novation.

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Intellectual Property Structured Settlements

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IP Structured Settlements

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